Monday, March 26, 2012

INCUBE8 Part IV - There is great chaos under heaven: the situation is excellent, Ryan Curtis

Thursday 29th  March
Pre-Preview critique,
led by Sovay Berriman: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm till late
Bar +  food  + music + complimentary drinks reception

Exhibition continues: 
Friday 30th - Sunday 1st April, 12 - 6pm

Ryan Curtis' practice of sculpture and installation operates at the edge of existence, creating an almost in-between state that paradoxically insists on a more solid importance to be placed upon the object. Using found materials of personal significance with a distinct aesthetic flavour, Curtis’ work explores the paradox of revolutionary ideology and utopian dreaming using a darkly satirical and self referential humour.

Using film, sculptural installation and other objects,  There is great chaos under heaven... references aesthetics from bolshevik constructivism, mid to late 20th century blockbuster science-fiction film and nuclear post-apocalyptic representations. The precarious qualities of balance situate the work on the precipice of existence, highlighting its inherent futility.