Sunday, January 29, 2012


Annabelle Craven-Jones

Thursday 2nd February

Pre-preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm-late

Exhibition continues:
Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th February
12 – 6pm


Motorcade/FlashParade hosts UNPACKING PROPOSAL FOR MINDSCAPE (neuroAESTHETIC), an exhibition by Annabelle Craven-Jones. Two locations are used to set-up a dialogue between the artist’s current solo show, (PROPOSAL FOR MINDSCAPE (neuroAESTHETIC)) at Cruise&Callas Berlin and Motorcade/FlashParade Bristol. Here, the show is treated as a self-portrait and subjected to a process of psychological ‘unpacking’. This continues the artist’s question into the self-portrait mode and its reflexive aesthetic as a means to critically explore today’s increased internalisation of therapy culture and culture of emotionalism.
Each site is synched up via live webcam and laser beam through time and space, acting as a stream-of-consciousness between the two locations.
The laser picks up on its inclusion in the original show which refers to neuroimaging and the process of scanning as an internalised aesthetic language. Other pieces from the original show are re-presented here with some form of detectable sense of deconstruction, whether through a particular process or medium.

Please see for images of the concurrent solo show in Berlin.

Artist Biography
Annabelle Craven-Jones is a recent recipient of an Arts Council England Grant for her solo show PROPOSAL FOR MINDSCAPE (neuroAESTHETIC), Cruise&Callas Berlin 2011-2012. Group shows include Traine Fantome, Cruise&Callas Berlin, FOR LOVE NOT MONEY 15th Tallinn Print Triennial Kuma Art Museum Tallinn Estonia 2011, Jerwood Drawing London and touring 2009 & 2005, GSK Contemporary Royal Academy London 2009, 1st International Roaming Biennial, Tehran and touring 2008-10, 10th Istanbul Biennial 2007.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody

Thursday 26th January
Pre-preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm-late

Bar + food + music

Exhibition continues:
Friday 27th - Sunday 29th, 12-6pm

Alex Hardy
Gareth Pitt
Heather Wallace
Laura Griffin
Leah Walker
Julie McCalden
Rachael Miles
Simon Ledson
Steph Li
Will Kendrick

Motorcade/FlashParade Kicks off 2012 with Here Comes Everybody, a collabortive exhibition produced through a mini-resdiency by our team of volunteers. They have also produced a publication to accompany the show.

Here Comes Everbody is centred on how the digital and physical/human realms relate to each other, and the extent to which this differentiation is useful or relevant within the context of personal identity and communication.

We live in a world that is increasingly reliant, augmented, permutated and mediated through the technology of the microchip. A technology that is based on the powerful but impersonal logic of ones and zeros, binary and pixels. This revolutionary change is not only inevitable, it is already happening.

This is a source of great excitement but can also raise anxieties, doubts and confusion; or maybe it just reflects age-old human characteristics. This exhibition brings together 10 artists who work in a variety of media and methodologies to make work together. In doing so it approaches the topic from all three perspectives and is as much about the emotions and ideas this area provokes as the technology itself.

Here Comes Everybody is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Monday, January 23, 2012

INCUBE8 2012 - Selected Artists Announced

After much deliberation over very high quality applications, our esteemed INCUBE8 panel, artists Sovay Berriman and Katie Davies and the curator of the Exeter Phoenix, Matthew Burrows, have made their selection.

We are delighted to announce that the four selected artists are... Paul Hurley, Susannah Douglas, Bryony Gillard and Ryan Curtis!

Congratulations to you four and thank you to everyone who applied – there were some truly spectacular proposals and we only wish we had room for more. We’d really like to thank our panel who took such care over the selection and read the applications with great enjoyment. They have selected a diverse and exciting programme of exhibitions covering a range of practices and genres of work and we are really proud to be hosting these solo shows at Motorcade/FlashParade.

INCUBE8 is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

So here is a sneak preview of what’s in store and some important dates for your diaries!

Paul Hurley

INCUBE8 Part I: Overgave (surrender)

Thursday 8th March
Pre-Preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm till late
Bar + food + music
Exhibition continues: Friday 9th – Sunday 11th, 12 – 6pm

With a background that crosses experimental performance and fine art, Paul Hurley’s recent practice has consisted almost exclusively of live work, much of which involves explorations of ritualised action, endurance and abjection. It teeters past the limits of the mundane self, approaching vulnerability and actuating affect. It evolves affectivity and joy - as in the capacity for being affected to the point of pain or extreme pleasure - which comes to the same.

Interested in using the body and everyday materials to create visual images that transcend our usual physical and functional orientation, Hurley makes meaningful secular spiritual rituals, seriously, creatively and with warm humour.

For ‘Overgave (surrender)’ (the second word a translation of the first, from Dutch), Hurley creates new performances to be encountered live, through documentation and as trace.

Susannah Douglas

INCUBE8 Part II: Palindrome Diptych

Thursday 15th March
Pre-Preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm till late
Bar + food + music
Exhibition continues: Friday 16th – Sunday 18th, 12 – 6pm

Suzanne Douglas’ work is concerned with representations of the human figure through portraiture. Pose, gesture, attire and composition are examined, utilized, repeated and reflected. Using a range of sources, fragments are spliced together, reconstructed and reflected back at themselves to affirm notions of a contrived sense of represented identity. Douglas employs collage and highly intricate pencil drawings whose fragility is in contrast to the legacy of portraiture and to the throwaway nature of the photocopied image.

Palindrome Diptych centres around a large scale collage piece from which a new series of drawings is drawn and then mirrored. The relationships between the collage, the pairs of drawing and the space are explored through these repeated elements.


Bryony Gillard

INCUBE8 Part III: Last Orders

Thursday 22ndMarch

Pre-Preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm till late
Bar + food + music
Exhibition continues: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th, 12 – 6pm

Situated somewhere between performance, action, sound, text and occasionally object, Bryony Gillard’s practice draws upon common social forms of interaction, traditional customs and accepted cultural exchanges. By collaborating with artists or individuals from different professions, Gillard questions authorship and explores methods of instigating subtle or non-confrontational forms of participation.

Last Orders is a live work and accompanying static installation which involves removing last orders bells from selected pubs and replacing them with diatonic hand bells. The work explores a process of negotiation, persuasion and collaboration between Gillard and the establishments.


Ryan Curtis

INCUBE8 Part  IV: There is great chaos under heaven: the situation is excellent

Thursday 29th  March

Pre-Preview critique: 6-7pm
Preview: 7pm till late
Bar + food + music
Exhibition continues: Friday 30th – Sunday 1st April, 12 – 6pm

Ryan Curtis' practice of sculpture and installation operates at the edge of existence, creating an almost in-between state that paradoxically insists on a more solid importance to be placed upon the object. Using found materials of personal significance with a distinct aesthetic flavour, Curtis’ work explores the paradox of revolutionary ideology and utopian dreaming using a darkly satirical and self referential humour.

Using film, sculptural installation and other objects,  There is great chaos under heaven... references aesthetics from bolshevik constructivism, mid to late 20th century blockbuster science-fiction film and nuclear post-apocalyptic representations. The precarious qualities of balance situate the work on the precipice of existence, highlighting its inherent futility.