M/FP National Open

MFP National Open 2013: selected artists

We are proud to profile each of the artists in this year's selection:

Elliot Conway

In my practice, I aim to explore the limits of the constructions I create. Through anthropomorphic and sensory elements, I wish to challenge the space that they occupy and ultimately transcend their own entity. Focusing primarily with sculpture, my creative process usually starts with the observation of how we live with the actuality of our surroundings. This involves filming, studying and observing people in their day-to-day lives and beginning to understand the connection between ourselves, and the objects and the constructions we confine ourselves to. How we move, live and breathe in unity with the space and objects, around which we choose to surround ourselves with. Often, this thematic takes the form of three-dimensional works, and by using such supplementary reflections as sound, temperature, touch and light I strive to apprehend the attention of the viewer and provoke thoughts around the extension of the apparent artwork.

Chris Fordwah

At present, my practice involves building micro utopias in the interstices and social margins of a disaggregated capitalism and then furnishing them with aesthetic antagonisms.

Neill Fuller

These works are painted from arrangements of found objects that are examined and re-translated in an interior space. Although conservatively still life in conception and resolutely studio-based, they allude to other painting genres such as rural and urban landscape, and spaces where other illusory, fictional and escapist experiences occur – the fairground, the playground, the world of the scaled down model.
I am attracted by an object’s ability, success and intention to represent or ape something from the real world, leading me to seek out both the mass-produced and the handmade, the ill conceived, the imperfect or amateur.

Neill Fuller is a painter who lives and works in Somerset. He was born in Essex and studied Fine Art in Bath.

Helen Grant

If my practice has a ‘concern’ it is with our very existence and the ridiculous nature of trying to be.

These artworks share a cartoon-like, amateurish quality that belies a sense of desperation. The figures that have landed on Trophy Island are engaged in a Sisyphiun scrum for supremacy whilst Cuvvurdinanely tries to improve its own surroundings by camouflaging itself out of sight. Blue skyes seems cheerful enough until one realises that its colours are inverted, leaving it hanging somewhere between Magritte and The Simpsons.

Dealing with struggle, repetition and failure, these works suggest that humour may be the only way out…

Helen Grant currently lives and works in Bristol, where she is completing a MA in Fine Art at UWE.

Polly Kelsall

In my work materials, objects, images and ideas undergo processes of movement, displacement, translation and enrolment resulting in new narratives, connections and relationships.
My practice explores the possible tensions and balances between human activity and nature, the interior and exterior, purity and impurity, chaos and order, permanence and the temporary, the built and natural environment, stability and collapse, fluidity and solidity.

Polly Kelsall graduated from UWE, Bristol in 2011 with a fine art degree. She lives and works in Bristol and is based at BV Studios.

Zervou and Kerruish

The images submitted show the classical and often unobserved facets of decadence that mirror a world of privilege and an art world that is more significant to times past. Like fallen features, these images are flattened and juxtaposed against contrasting architectural details. Demanding a double take we are obliged to refocus the act of looking and consider the space the work is presenting. The edifice’s in which art is displayed has become the artwork itself and challenges how and what is consumed within the confines of the gallery space.

We are Natalie Zervou and Jack Kerruish, both artists living and working in London. After graduating from Norwich School of Art and Design, UK with different individual practices, our work started to amalgamate and have been collaborating since 2012.

Lewis Khan

My interest is in socially engaged work – themes and subjects, whilst a background in Architecture & Design is informative to my visual aesthetic.

2013 Photography graduate from UWE,Bristol. Now based in London, I am working as a Photographer’s assistant as well as on my own practice.

Sarah McNulty

Focused on the possibilities of painting, materiality often takes over.  Drawn toward points of rupture, both the images and their supports are braced by the tension of making and ruining. They turn and deceive outside of decisions made, suddenly becoming foreign. Writhing and jerking, spaces become indistinguishable and unanticipated objects emerge.  The result becomes something not foreseen as an end-point where the linear route of actions recedes.

Parallel to the action of painting is an interest in dissolution and shifting thresholds. It is the interactions and possibility of forming a very physical and expansive language amongst the paintings and their environments that drives the work further.

Sarah McNulty (b.1979 USA, based in London) received her MFA in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art and BA at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Solveig Settemsdal

My recent work has focused on investigating the possibilities of three-dimensional drawing by injecting ink into gelatine. This material was chosen as I wished to find a medium in which to represent links between the physical and imagined aspects of memory in a substance akin to its origin.
In developing this technique I have been able to explore the sculptural potential of the traditionally two-dimensional medium of ink.
As the objects themselves are fragile and ephemeral, medium format and 35mm film photography is used to record them. This creates a material mirror between the recording (film coated in gelatine) and the recorded.

Solveig Settemsdal is a Norwegian artist currently living in Bristol, where she works from a space at BV studios.

Linda Taylor

Charlie Godet Thomas

"The expression that there is nothing to express, nothing with which to express, no desire to express, along with the obligation to express".

Samuel Beckett, from the Duthuit Dialogues

Charlie Godet Thomas explores images and objects transforming them through the antithetical use of sculpture, installation, collage and photography. More interested in the tone of a work than confining it to a particular medium or genre, he works in a language of contradictions - humour and melancholia, the two-dimensional and the sculptural, reduction and assemblage, design and the incidental, the personal and the universal. His works, just as life is, are a product of these oppositional forces.

"I translate the everyday through making, revealing that it is at once sad and delightful, “our greatest blessing and most despicable complacency.”

The artist quoting Ben Highmore, Ordinary Lives
"Midwives and morticians, paupers and princes, go about their everyday lives. Everything can become everyday, everything can become ordinary: it is our greatest blessing, our most human accomplishment, our greatest handicap, our most despicable complacency." Ben Highmore, Ordinary Lives

Charlie Godet Thomas (b.1985, London, UK) 

Clare Thornton

I describe my work as a spatial practice; an exploration of body-site-text relations through sculptural installation, performance and print. I put a variety of materials to work, testing their possibilities and limits to support and encourage my conceptual enquiries. I am often invited to make work in response to archival materials, public/private collections and sites of social/historical significance. Drawing on a training in dance, scenography and literature, a keen interest in materiality, time, memory, folds and tact is evident in my work.

Birmingham born, Glasgow trained, Bristol based – I am a Spike Associate and part of BV Studios. I have shown my work regionally, nationally and internationally as a solo artist but also in on-going cross-disciplinary collaborations with Emma Cocker, Jan Steinum (Norway) & the Performance Re-enactment Society.

Lewk Wilmshurst
My practice mutates through the accumulation of past visions of the future, perpetual current scientific discovery, pop iconography, fractal behaviour, biological life, human nature, evolution, technology and travel in documentaries, on the Internet, in papers, magazines and reference books. I considers this amalgamation, ‘sampling’.

Sarah Wilson

A luminary status is offered to objects that are acclimatized to shelf life and the catalogue existence. The momentum of visual assumption is prolonged, as objects lie adrift from their usual sitting. A selection from shelf to stand-alone allows each formation to excite it’s own aesthetic generosity and become a worthy souvenir. This probes the overtones of object significance in the domestic realm and what of this— trash or treasure?

Arrangements are created that are precisely considered, gesturing dialogue between the compositions.

Forms liaise with one another in a bounty of colour, texture and surface, relaxing in the un-assumed decadence of a visual buffet.

Sarah Wilson is an artist living and working in Bristol.
Nottingham born – her practice surmises sculptural assemblage and arrangement.

Sarah Wilton

We are delighted to announce the names of the artists selected for Motorcade/FlashParade's National Open 2013. We'd also like to give a big, big thank you to this year's judges - Axel Wieder, Roy Voss and Hannah Knox, for making such an excellent selection... it's going to be a great show!

Chris Fordwoh
Linda Taylor
Sarah Wilson

Thanks so much to everyone who entered this year's Open and supported M/FP... viewing the range and strength of work submitted was a huge pleasure and a privilege.

We would love to see you at the Private View on Thursday 5th December, from 6pm. Come and enjoy the final selection with us - have a glass of bubbly and see who wins the overall prize.


We are delighted to be launching the third annual Motorcade/FlashParade National Open, to be selected by Axel Wieder, Hannah Knox and Roy Voss

Axel Wieder (Curator of Exhibitions, Arnolfini, Bristol)
Hannah Knox (Artist, London) 
Roy Voss (Artist, London)

now Midnight, Sunday 10th November

We have allowed very little time to submit work. This is because we believe that many artists (like us) are procrastinators by nature and need to be highly motivated and focused. In past competitions we have announced the deadline way before time and yet the vast majority of submissions come in on the last day... about a minute before midnight! So we don't think you need months of time, rather, you need urgency.. adrenalin... stimulation!

So don't delay, submit today... count down ticking inexorably away!

1st Prize: £500 

Why submit work to Motorcade/FlashParade National Open?

For artists there is the obvious... the chance to be selected for the Open exhibition. Then there's the prize, the winner will be picked out on the night. But there is also the great opportunity to have your work seen by both the panelists and M/FP. We look carefully at each and every piece of work and have often taken note of artists to contact with a view to collaborations or exhibitions in the future.

For Motorcade, we are always excited to see the incredible range of work being produced NOW by artists across the country... and we thrive on providing opportunities to show that work.                      

Plus, we are a voluntary organisation, with no funding. The Motorcade/FlashParade National Open is therefore an essential fundraiser, with every penny pumped straight back into the programme, helping us to realise artists' projects and support artist development. 

To apply, then, is not simply to be in with a chance to be selected, it is to contribute to a healthy art ecology.

How does it work?

We recommend you read this article first: Submitting Your Work to "Opens" then read on:

1. You fill in the application form and enter up to 3 pieces of work in any format, for £15. Further works may be submitted, in additional applications at the same rate.

2. After the deadline at midnight on Sunday, 10th November, we organise an anonymous slideshow and showreel to include every application (no pre-selection takes place).

3. The panel of practising artists, writers, critics and lecturers will convene at the end of October to make their selection.

4. On Wednesday, 13th November, all applicants will be notified of the panels selection and in the following days the shortlist will be announced.

5. M/FP will begin promoting the show

6. The selected artists will arrange to deliver their work to the space between the 25th November and 2nd December.

7. M/FP will hang the show.

8. On Thursday 5th December the preview will take place with the prize winner announced on the night.

9. The exhibition continues until Sunday 15th December.

10. Works will be collected between Monday 30th December and Monday 13th January.


Fill in the application form correctly and adhere to the specifications 

Make sure the images show the work at it's best. 

Be strategic: whilst all types of work are considered, a piece that encompasses the entire space might not be workable.

About the selection panel:

Axel Wieder born 1971 in Stuttgart, is a curator and writer living in Berlin and Bristol. He is the Curator of Exhibitions at Arnolfini in Bristol. 2007-2010 he was the artistic director of K├╝nstlerhaus Stuttgart and 2010 a visiting curator at Ludlow 38, Goethe-Institut New York. In 1999, he co-founded together with Katja Reichard and Jesko Fezer the bookshop Pro qm, which also serves as an experimental platform for events and presentations in art and urbanism. For the 3rd Berlin Biennale 2004, he organized a thematic section about the urban development in Berlin after the fall of the wall (together with Jesko Fezer). 2004-2005 he was project manager for the exhibition project "Now and ten years ago" for KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and 2004 a research fellow at the Peabody-Essex-Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. He is lecturing and publishing widely.

Hannah Knox Hannah Knox graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2007, she makes paintings and installations that use fabric as a ground, reducing painting to its primary components of colour, cloth and support.
Her work has been exhibited widely, with recent solo shows in London; 'BUFF' at Ceri Hand Gallery and 'Stoffbilder' at Take Courage. Previous exhibitions include 'Without an Edge there is no middle', Pluspace, Coventry; ‘Double Vision’, Lion & Lamb Gallery, London, ‘Fade Away, Painting between representation and abstraction’, Transition Gallery, London and Gallery North, Newcastle, and ‘The Marmite Prize for Painting’ The Nunnery, London.
Hannah Knox is represented by Ceri Hand Gallery, London. She was born in London in 1978 and lives and works in London. 

Roy Voss is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London

Important Details:

Important dates
Application Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 10th November
Selection notification: Monday 18th November
Delivery of Works: Monday 25th November – Monday 2nd December
Private View and award ceremony: Thursday 5th December
Exhibition: Friday 6th December – Sunday 15th December, Thurs - Sun, 12-5pm
Collection of Works: Monday 30th December – Monday 13th January

The M/FP National Open is open to all artists and all genres of work. It is also open to MA students and final year BA students. You must be over 18 and based in the UK to enter.

Applications are by email to info@motorcadeflashparade.com. Please follow these guidelines, which can also be found at the back of the application form.


A combination of 2D and 3D works, audiovisual  works and performance works may be submitted up to a maximum of 3 total works. Applications are by email to info@motorcadeflashparade.com

Application form

Please complete this application form and save it as an MS Word.doc or .docx file in this format: SURNAME.Initial.OPEN.doc/docx


Each entry costs £16 to submit which includes up to 3 works. Applicants may make multiple applications.

Payments should be made by bank transfer to:

Sort code 20-13-42
Account number 73897192

Please leave your name as the reference.

OR, by cheque made out to BV Artists and sent to 37 Philip Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4EA

2D and 3D works
Image specifications
Up to 6 jpeg images, to describe a maximum of 3 works, NO LARGER than 1mb each and adequately sized for use in a Power Point slideshow (roughly 600 pixels along the longest edge). Images should be emailed as attachments, along with the application, and saved in the following format:
SURNAME.Initial.Work number.Title.jpg

Audio Visual / Performance works

Audiovisual and performance works, or documentation of works, up to a maximum of 3 minutes each, should be linked to in the Audio Visual / Performance Works List page. Any works/documentation longer than 3 minutes will only be watched up to the first 3 minutes.

Images of the work installed can be attached, meeting the image specifications described above.

In ‘installation details’ describe how the work is shown.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be over 18, based in the UK and not in the first 2 years of a BA Art related course to enter.   
  • Receipt of applications will be acknowledged  via email.
  • No application will be accepted after Midnight on Sunday 10th November.
  • Artists are responsible for delivering and collecting work from the space at agreed times to be arranged on an individual basis. Although M/FP cannot contribute to the costs of work delivery or collection, we will put artists living regionally to each other in contact, with the aim of reducing costs through combined deliveries.
  • Access to some audiovisual equipment may be possible, with priority given to artists living further afield. However, all artists are expected to be able to supply all the equipment necessary for the exhibition of their work.
  • Artworks need not be for sale, but any works offered for sale will be on the basis of a 30% commission on the sale price.
  • Copyright will remain with the artist. Selected artists exhibiting in the Open agree that their work may be used for Motorcade/FlashParade marketing purposes.
  • Artists must insure their own work. Although every care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to artworks.
  • M/FP will produce publicity materials for the National Open show, inform the press and promote the exhibition through our networks, our website and social media sites.
  • Professional photographic documentation of the show and each individual work will be supplied to the selected artists, free of charge.
  • The decisions of the panel, regarding their selection is final. We will notify all applicants of the selection on Wednesday 13th November. We regret that due to the high volume of applications we will not have the capacity to give the personalised feedback we offer for our proposal based competitions.

Any queries please email info@motorcadeflashparade.com or telephone: 
+44(0)7787 797 339 / +44(0)7530 527 733

The Motorcade/FlashParade National Open 2011 exhibited works by

The Motorcade/FlashParade National Open 2012 exhibited works by

Ellen Wilkinson

Since the competitions many of the artists have re-exhibited or been involved with Motorcade in other capacities. Most have also gone on to exhibit nationally and internationally; many have also received prizes and awards.