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The next MotorMouth session is: Thursday 23rd January 2014, 6.30-8.30 pm. The session will be led by artists Catherine Knight and Ruth Piper, both residents at BV Studios.

All welcome but booking essential.

To book to attend and/or present your work please email: Ruth Piper or Catherine Knight 

MotorMouth is an informal group critique originally set up by Poppy Pitt, hosted as part of the Motorcade/FlashParade programme and linked to the London crit 'Engine ChatChat,' founded by Elizabeth Murton of Core Gallery, Cor Blimey Arts. Both groups were initiated to encourage dialogue, exchange and possible collaborations between Bristol and London based Artists.

The first MotorMouth session was on 14th May 2011 and Poppy Pitt continued hosting until May this year when she decided she had to concentrate on her music career in the very successful Bookshop Band. 

We are very pleased that Ruth Piper and Cat Knight are now running the sessions. Cat and Ruth are both studio holders at BV Studios and both successful painters, frequently featuring in exhibitions and competitions. Ruth also established the Searchers Contemporary, a gallery in Bristol which has now morphed into a group of painters.

MotorMouth is a chance for artists to bring work to a group of peers for an informal critique based on constructive feedback and discussion.

How MotorMouth came about, and why....

Elizabeth Murton and Poppy Pitt studied at Goldsmiths University of London together. After graduating, Elizabeth started Engine Chat Chat in 2007 at Core Gallery, Deptford in London, to provide an opportunity for people to talk about their art work in a constructive environment. Elizabeth worked with Poppy to set up MotorMouth in Bristol as part of the Engine ChatChat network. The aim is to encourage a network-platform across cities to encourage exciting discussion, collaborations, friendships and opportunities.

Elizabeth Murton says “We hope that the partnership between the two groups will provide opportunities for Bristol artists to travel to Cor Blimey in London and present their work, and for London artists to travel to Motorcade and do the same. We will also be setting up on line forums for continued and regular interaction between the groups.

"This will provide a platform for critical discussion and debate across cities, as well as opportunities for emerging artists to widen their artistic circles, create new opportunities and provide a space for artists to interact with, encourage and support each other."