Monday, April 30, 2012

Six by Four, secret postcard sale

Bristol UWE MA Fine Art
Fundraising Exhibition

Over 100 artists taking part

Thursday 3rd May
Preview: 6pm-late

Exhibition continues:
Friday 4th – Sunday 6th May, 12–6pm daily 

Six by Four is a fundraiser for The University of the West of England’s MA Fine Art Show organised by artist Elizabeth Dismorr. Artists, illustrators and designers (students, emerging artists, and established names) have donated one or more postcard sized pieces of work to be sold at a set price at the preview and following days, (or until sold out!).

Arrive early to avoid disappointment!

View donated artworks here on the Six by Four website here.

Confirmed artists so far:

Alasdair Ambrose, Zanne Andrea, Matthew Arnold, Sandra Arroniz, Caro Bacon, Dave Bain, Liz Bath, Dave Beech, Ilene Berman, Andrew Bracey, Chloe Brooks, Holly Brown, Jason Brown, Kieran Brown, Lindsey Bull, Robert Catterall, Julie Caves, Ronnie Close, Adam Collier, Dallas Collins, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Lucy Cox, Jan Crombie, Martyn Cross, Theo Cuff, Ryan Curtis, Gordon Dalton, Spike Dennis, Liam Devlin, Clare Dewell, Alex Dipple, Elizabeth Dismorr, Sam Downend, Lucy Edwards, Seila Fernandez Arconada, Archie Fitzgerald, Jack Fletcher, Jay Fox Davies, Charlie Franklin, Anne Gallien, Adam Garratt, Paul Gough, Helen Grant, Brian Griffiths, S. Mark Gubb, Alex Hardy, Katie Harnett, Helena Haimes, Ben Hellawell, Joe Hemming, Sarah Hickie, Timothy Holt, Toby Huddlestone, Mark Curtis Hughes, James Hunter, Paul Hurley, Jamie Jones, Penny Jones, Marcus Jefferies, Dan Just, Kate Laine-Toner, Brendan Lancaster, Jessaka Leigh, Simon Lesdon, Howard Litchfield, Cathy Lomax, Lady Lucy, Sarah Maple, Julie McCalden, Rachael Miles, Charlie Miller, Stuart Mitchell, Elizabeth Murton, Emma Noble Seymour, Gill Nicol, Eamon O'Kane, Lucy Odlin, Ruth Piper, Jess Quinn, Rose Robbins, Jonny Roberts,Maggie Royle  Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Savage, Otto Schade, Michelle Louise Schiocchet, Michael Sims, Corinna Spencer, Christine Sullivan, Thomas Thiede, Mimei Thompson, Sam Treadaway, Sarah Tulloch, Mandy Ure, Roy Voss, Pete Walker, Creed Wall, Heather Wallace, Jan Willem van Welzenis, Grace Williams, Zoe Williams, Jo Willoughby, Lewk Wilmshurst

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Man Don't Give a Fuck Preview

We were immensely pleased and proud to host what turned out to be a rocking party for the PV of The Man Don't Give a Fuck on Thursday 26th April... we're really sorry if you missed it!

Thank you to all the people who came despite the dire weather; there were many familiar faces but also a huge contingent from Newport and Cardiff who made the effort to come and support their own.

The evening kicked off with a well-attended peer crit in which Gordon Dalton and Tom Goddard discussed their role as curators of the project; it then progressed into a full-scale celebration fuelled by the excellent sound system mounted on the roof of Richard Higlett's Ford Fiesta in the foyer, with our resident DJ Parallax hunched heroically over his laptop within its dark interior!

There were two great performances during the evening... Tiff Oben's gloriously subtle "Chavette" and Megan Broadmeadow's hilarious "Ewe Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and despite some of the works having quite edgily explicit themes it was so good to see how completely the audience responded to the warmth and humour in this complex and diverse show

We really can't thank Tom and Gordan enough for organising and curating such a massively successful show and we're looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Review of Man Don't Give a Fuck:

Monday, April 16, 2012


Curated by Mermaid & Monster / Cerbyd

Thursday 26th April
Pre-preview critique: 6 - 7pm
Preview: 7pm-late
Bar + food + music

Exhibition continues:
Friday 27th – Sunday 29th April, 12 – 6pm daily

Following their selection for Motorcade Flash Parade’s National Open 2011, we invited artists Gordon Dalton and Tom Goddard to participate in and curate a show of artists from Wales in their respective curatorial guises as Mermaid & Monster and Cerbyd.

THE MAN DON’T GIVE A FUCK takes its title from the Super Furry Animals song of the same name. The single’s front cover featured Cardiff City FC player, Robin Friday, defiantly flicking a ‘V’ sign. The song has become an alternative Welsh national anthem, full of attitude, protest and ‘don’t give a shit’ sense of humour.

The artists in THE MAN DON’T GIVE A FUCK share similar sensibilities. Their work is laced with a melancholic humour that questions its intentions or seriousness. It can be adolescent, scruffy and surly. Using an often offhand approach, their work denies any superficial finesse to reveal a love of an awkward, vulnerable imagery.

There is an anxious contradiction on show, with the work being self conscious of what it is, yet disregarding any angst by replacing it with a certain nonchalance. This vulnerability, combined with a disarming humour and confrontational approach prompts further questions. What it is to be understood; what is it to be (dis)liked, loved or respected? 

Review of the show in the Wales Arts Review:'t%20give%20a%20fuck%20review.html