Friday, August 26, 2011


As our first Summer Residency draws to an end, we invite you to attend a closing event from our artists in residnece Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint as well as a talk from the artists in the Spike Island Associates Space. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Christine and Rob at Motorcade/FlashParade and can't wait to find out what they've been producing. We've grown used to them being here and we are really going to miss them! We hope you can join us for both of these events. Details below.

Thursday September 1st, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint have spent a month working at Motorcade/FlashParade on a Summer Residency...these are the fruits of their labour....
Be excited!
Be intrigued!
Have a party!
Come and celebrate/mourn the end of summer!

Don't forget we will be serving delicious food.


Wednesday August 31st - 6:00 - 7:00pm

Artists Talk, at Spike Island Associates Space

London based artists Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint will introduce their collaborative practice in the context of their current residency at Motorcade/FlashParade, Bristol.

Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint have been working together since 2006 on works which experiment with performance, ritual, image and soundtrack. Recent works have included Soundproof in ‘Field Recording’ at Five Years Gallery, London, ‘Generator’ in Ben Judd’s “From Ritual to Theatre’ at Ancient and Modern and Faith, Paris, Limited View in ‘Depot’ at Vulpes Vulpes, London, and The Builders in the attic of the One Thoresby Street Gallery in Nottingham.





Monday, August 8, 2011

Engine ChatChat and MotorMouth peer crit sessions

ENGINE CHAT CHAT Comes to... Motorcade/FlashParade

On SATURDAY 20th August we have Elizabeth Murton of Core Gallery, Cor Blimey Arts, Deptford coming to hold an Engine Chat Chat session in the Motorcade/FlashParade artspace.

Engine Chat Chat (2-5pm) is an opportunity for you to bring work to a group of peers and get helpful feedback. The idea is to bring a question or concern about your work to ask your fellow artists. It is an informal crit based on constructive feedback and discussion.

For a slot at the Engine Chat Chat Session please RSVP Elizabeth Murton at​uk letting her know you would like to attend either as part of the discussion group or to present.

Join the Engine ChatChat on Facebook:​oups/EngineChatChat/?ap=1

Apologies but PERFORM 6 - 8 has been cancelled. This will be featured at the next MotorMouth session on Saturday 24th September.

Perform 6-8pm will be an evening opportunity for performance artists following the peer crit session to perform their pieces in the space to a group of their friends and peers. We will have two or three slots starting at 6pm and finishing by 8pm. There will be drinks available to buy and we hope this will be a great social side to the event where people can meet and discuss ideas, as well as providing a valuable audience for those artists with ideas they want to try out.

So we invite you to come along with your work and your questions, both if you’re interested in presenting your work and getting feedback or interested in being part of the discussion group and giving feedback.

If you wish to perform your work as part of the evening session then please contact Penny at info@motorcadeflashparade.​com

We will have a limited number of spaces so please do let us know if you are intending to come with work to show.


Sat 20th will also launch the beginning of our crit group MotorMouth which will be linked to the London crit, Engine ChatChat.

MotorMouth has been set up by Poppy Pitt of BV studios with Elizabeth Murton to encourage dialogue, exchange and possible collaborations between Bristol and London based Artists and will run as part of Engine Chat Chat at Motorcade/FlashParade on a regular basis.

MotorMouth will be a regular two part session; the afternoon session running from 2pm-5pm as a peer crit inspired by Engine ChatChat, then following on from that we will have the performance art slots that will run from 6pm-8pm.

MotorMouth will be a regular part of the Motrocade/FlashParade programme.

How MotorMouth came about, and what is it for?

Elizabeth Murton and Poppy Pitt Studied at Goldsmiths University of London together. After graduating, Elizabeth started Engine ChatChat in 2007 to provide a place for people to talk about their art works in a constructive environment. Elizabeth is now working with Poppy to run MotorMouth in Bristol as part of an Engine ChatChat network. This set-up aims to encourage a network-platform across cities to encourage exciting discussion, collaborations, friendships and opportunities.

“We hope that the partnership between the two groups will provide opportunities for Bristol artists to travel to Cor Blimey in London and present their work, and for London artists to travel to Motorcade and do the same. We will also be setting up on line forums for continued and regular interaction between the groups.

"This will provide a platform for critical discussion and debate across cities, as well as opportunities for emerging artists to widen their artistic circles, create new opportunities, and provide a space for artists to interact with, encourage and support each other."

We are very excited about this at Motorcade/FlashParade and we look forward to hearing from those of you who would like to come along to this first session.

Dates for Future MotorMouth sessions will be posted up on the website soon, with the first due to take place on September 24th.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Orthodoxy and Crumbling Spires

Motorcade/FlashParade invites you to a solo show of work by Michael Hayter:

'Othodoxy and Crumbling Spires.'

Private View: Thursday 4th August, 6-9pm
Exhibition Opens: Tues 2nd - Fri 5th 12-6pm, Sat 6th - Sun 7th 12-5pm

This current body of work is about a journey from darkness into light, childhood memories and relationships of power and vulnerability.

"...(It is) if the light beam from a torch has been directed into the
darkest recesses of the soul." L. Pomona.