Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spoil Your Paper 
Samuel Hasler

Peer critique:  led by David Trigg
Saturday 10th November, 2pm 

Thursday 8th November, 6pm-late

Exhibition Continues:  
Saturday 10th November only

Samuel Hasler is presenting a new selection of artworks that look at absurd and political ways to think about the act of drawing. Spoil Your Paper is in keeping with his previous performance, text and multiple printed image works, where Hasler exposes the creative and critical processes of the artwork. This often happens as performance and discussion with the audience. An element of chance and unpredictability is important.

"The posters, images, texts and performance include ideas such as;  artists exhibiting used toilet paper as drawings and anti-political campaigns to encourage spoilt election ballots. I suppose there's a destructive theme to it too.

"The artworks reflect the research and pursuits of my practice. I try to make intuitive responses to things in the world that interest me such as religion, politics and art history or theory. These intuitive responses often lead me on weird tangents into fiction, autobiography, jokes, games, design. This kind of working allows things to feed into the work according to aesthetic choices, or my ideas about things that I feel drawn too.

"It's become of particular interest to me in recent artworks to use a performance environment as one where the audience can question and interrogate the artwork. I like the idea of performance as a space to talk about things and to try things out where the results are unknown. It's not improvised performance but I try to be responsive and reflexive with artworks the situation, the space and the audience."

Samuel Hasler is a visual artist based in Cardiff . He has made performance and installation work across the UK in Galleries and alternative spaces. He has exhibited at EXPO festival in Nottingham, National Review of live art in Glasgow and as part of the 'if...' series at g39 in Cardiff.  His work uses drawing and writing within a structure that allows decision making and creative responses to space, often within the performance.

David Trigg is an art writer based in Bristol. He is a member of the International Association of Art Critics and a regular contributor to Art Monthly, a-n, Art Papers and Frieze. His writing has also been featured in Art Review, Untitled, Circa, Flash Art International and Metro. David gained his degree in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design in 2001. Since then he has worked as Reviews Editor for Bristol arts publication Decode as well as holding positions at the Arnolfini Gallery and more recently as a visiting lecturer at UWE.