Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MARYNIAK and MCLEAN present: 


Private View 26 July 2013, 6pm - late

Continues Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July, 12 - 5pm or by appointment.


“Artists have long turned their attention to the unrealizability of the quest for perfection, or the open-endedness of experiment, using both dissatisfaction and error as means to rethink how we understand our place in the world.”1

In this exhibition M&M take a retrospective look at their roles as home moviemakers and amateur photographers. Through an exploration of their own archived material they have compiled a selection of footage made up of out-takes, mis-takes, rehearsals, and experiments. The works attempt to blur the lines between intention and accident, reality and fiction, in what the artists would term as a collection of their most successful failures.

Although their intentions are to make art, they often find that their work is perilously close to just being shit comedy.

1 Lisa Le Feuvre, ‘Strive to Fail’ Failure, 2010 Whitechapel Gallery Venture Limited