Monday, May 14, 2012

What you see is what you see

Dave Morgan-Davies

Thursday 17th May
Preview: 6-9pm

Exhibition continues:
Friday 18th – Sunday 27th May
12 – 6pm Thursday - Sunday

An exhibition of ‘quiet photography’
curated by Louise Copping

This solo exhibition includes a stunning range of work and is the first public showing of Dave Morgan-Davies’s new collection.

Dave Morgan-Davies’s work focuses on landscape and the built environment.  His photographs and moving images are meditations on the character and poetry of particular places and moments.

The work retains a unique 'aura' revealing the beauty and mystery of rural landscapes. Location, light and composition are key to capturing a sense of place, with time of day and climatic conditions often having a powerful impact on the work.

By alluding to human activity and through the use of a distinctive chromatic range the work invites contemplation.  It responds with subtlety showing that if one looks, an emotional connection can be found in a place, perhaps any place.

And some of the comments heard over the weekend -

'A beautiful exhibition, clean pure and spare' ... 'Impressive, original and atmospheric'....              

'Love the darkness'....    'A moving show'....      'Flawlessly executed'....                                    

'Excellent inspiring work.  Great food for thought'.... 

'Pushing a new way to perceive landscape'

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