Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Private View: Thursday 7th April

Private View: Thursday 7th April 6.30 – 9pm
Opening times:                    
                        Friday 12 – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 11 – 5pm

Spring Show - curated by Fiona Cassidy

Deborah Feiler · Helena Haimes · Lydia Halcrow · Catherine Knight · Harriet White

New work from 5 Bristol based artists sharing a new studio together and responding to their past work, their surroundings and to each other. BA and MA graduates from UWE and Bath School of Art and Design, their work ranges from video to painting across a range of media, with influences as diverse as memory, surrealist history, photography, mapping and our connection with landscape.

Deborah Feiler
Deborah Feiler’s work contemplates our connection with landscape. By making visual equivalents for the elusive experience of silent watching, lines are appropriated from the outside world and scratched or drawn into paint or gesso. An interest in the interface of various disciplines loops in and out of the work – science, geology, psychology, whilst the choice of palette is about referencing light rather than local colour.

Helena Haimes
Helena Haimes works primarily in video and installation. Her most recent pieces have been performance to video interpretations of particular anecdotes/works from the literary and artistic history of surrealism. She often features directly as an odd ‘re-enactor’, and uses mirrors and reflections as deceptive tools to play with the viewers’ perception of the action.

Lydia Halcrow
Combining painting and drawing on canvas, Lydia’s starting point are a series of walks that enable her to collect clues and remnants that hint at past activity in a place and how it has evolved and formed over time. These layers of shapes and symbols are combined to form a series of experiential maps that chart her experience of walking in a place - marking time with her feet against the ground.

Catherine Knight
Catherine Knight's fascination with the process of sifting through old family photographs is the ongoing motivation behind her paintings. Drawn to certain photos which stick in her mind, the images are re-invented creating dreamlike, other- worldly states. The heightened colouration suggests a romanticised or hazed over version of events. They mirror how family histories and personal mythologies are half- remembered, smoothed over, or exaggerated over time. They make the viewer question - Do I know these people? Is this place real? Have I been there?

Harriet White
Harriet White’s highly detailed portrait paintings reflect conflicting senses of intimacy and glamour; Images of luscious, thickly applied makeup evoke an initial sense of dazzle and seduction, yet also suggest a certain underlying vulnerability.